July 19, 2024

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What Augmented Reality Wont Do For You Or Me

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What Augmented Reality Wont Do For You Or Me


Augmented reality has been in the news a lot recently, and for good reason. It’s a technology that promises to change the way we interact with our world. The first commercial AR headsets started shipping this year, too, so there are more people experimenting with it than ever before. I’ve been one of those people—and let me tell you from experience: Augmented Reality is awesome! However, it’s not perfect. In fact, there are a few limitations to consider when thinking about how this tech will affect your life or business going forward:

What Augmented Reality Wont Do For You Or Me

You can’t actually touch or interact with the objects.

You can’t actually touch or interact with the objects.

This is a big drawback for Augmented Reality, because it limits how you can use it. As you know, our sense of sight is paramount to humans. Our brains use visual input to make decisions about how we should react to something that we see in front of us (or behind us). For example: if I’m walking through a dark alley and see someone standing at its entrance holding an axe while looking directly at me with bloodshot eyes and an evil grin on their face…I will most likely run away! But if this same scenario happened in broad daylight where there were no shadows cast by buildings or streetlights nearby–I would probably just keep walking past them without even noticing they were there until they started chasing me down with their axe screaming “You’re next!”

Augmented Reality is not without its own limitations.

Augmented Reality is not a replacement for reality. In fact, it’s not even an improvement on reality. Augmented Reality is only useful when you need more information about something in the real world–such as an object or location–and can’t get it from the internet or another source.

It’s also important to note that AR isn’t a replacement for anything else either: it doesn’t replace your phone, computer or TV; it augments them by adding new content onto what you see through those devices (like Pokémon Go on your phone).

It’s only as good as the information that it’s working with.

Augmented reality is only as good as the information that it’s working with. The more accurate the information, the better your experience. You could be looking at a 3D model of your house and think it looks amazing but if you’re wrong about something like flooring or paint color, then there will be problems down the road when you try to buy those items for real!

The same goes for data: if someone has bad data about something (like my height), then I can’t trust them when they say “you’re tall!”. It doesn’t matter how many times they tell me this – unless I want to believe everything people say without question (or maybe if I’m an idiot), I won’t believe them until I see proof with my own eyes or tests show me otherwise

The AR experience isn’t actually a replacement for reality, but a supplement to it.

AR is a tool, not a replacement for reality.

It’s not a substitute for human interaction.

It’s not going to make you forget about the physical world, or any other kind of reality.

We need to be aware of the limitations of this technology and what it can do for us personally and professionally

You’ve been hearing about this technology for a while now, but what is it exactly? Augmented reality (AR) uses special glasses or other visual devices that overlay virtual objects onto the real world. It’s becoming increasingly popular in the gaming world, where players can see their surroundings superimposed with characters and creatures from their favorite games.

But AR isn’t just for fun–it can also help us understand our world better and make better decisions. For example, if you’re trying to find your way around an unfamiliar city or country and don’t have any maps on hand, using an AR app could come in handy: it would show you where major landmarks are located relative to each other so that when someone tells you “I live down the street from Starbucks,” instead of getting lost trying to find them (or worse yet losing track of time), all one needs do is turn left at Starbucks!


Augmented Reality is a fascinating new technology that can be used in many different ways. It has the potential to transform our lives and change how we interact with the world around us. However, AR is still in its infancy and there are some limitations that need to be considered before jumping on board this train of thought. The most important thing for us as consumers is to understand what Augmented Reality will do for us personally or professionally so we can make informed decisions about whether or not this technology is right for us at this moment in time.

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